Little Box Sauna FAQs

Little Box Sauna (LBS) FAQs:


1. Q: Is it an actual sauna?

A: Yes! Little Box has two main parts, the entry/changing box and the sauna box.

2. Q: Where is LBS now?

A: Check our calendar! It can be rented privately, but when a location hosts it for the public, there are open sauna times listed on the Events page. 

3. Q: What is the purpose of the LBS?

A: Little Box is to sauna with others to promote individual and community health.

4. Q: What is the correct pronunciation of sauna?

A: In Finland, it is pronounced sow-na. In the US, saw-na is acceptable! 

5. Q: What are guests allowed to wear?

A: Guests are allowed to wear swimming suits, t-shirt and shorts, or other appropriate clothing they do not mind sweating into. Shoes are not allowed in the sauna,

or any fabrics that do not respond well to heat.

6. Q: Can guests go in the nude?

A: When LBS is in public, sauna events are co-ed, so nudity is not permitted.

7. Q: Where do guests change upon arrival?

A: There is a changing area inside the entry box, with privacy provided by curtains.

8. Q: Do you have to bring your own towel?

A: Yes.

9. Q: How long will guests be allowed to stay in the sauna?

A: Sauna sign-up periods last for 90 minutes. This is a good amount of time for heating up a few times in the sauna. If other people are not waiting, sauna guests

are welcome to sauna for longer with more cooling off rounds.

10. Q: How many people can go in at once?

A: 8-10 people.

11. Q: What’s privacy like?

A: The changing areas are private, and there is direct interior access from the changing area into the sauna area. The sauna has two screened windows to the

outside, so people inside will have privacy yet connection to their surroundings. People can take a break from the sauna inside the entry box, or step outside for

some cold air and a roll in the snow!

12. Q: Is there a restroom in LBS?

A: No. Restrooms are available inside each host location.

13. Q: Is water provided?

A: Yes, water will be provided at each Little Box Sauna event. Bring your own non-metal water bottle or cup!

14. Q: Is there a cold plunge?

A: No, there is no cold plunge for Little Box Sauna.

15. Q: Can guests roll in the snow?

A: Yes, guests are invited to roll in the snow, with caution!

16. Q: How does the sauna run?

A: The sauna heater is run on propane, a safe, efficient and sustainable source of energy. All other elements are individually battery-powered. This allows us to

stay truly mobile.

17. Q: How long does the sauna take to heat up?

A: Approximately 15-30 minutes depending on the outside temperature.

18. Q: How hot does it get?

A: The maximum allowable temperature in the US is 194°F, so it will not be hotter than that!

19. Q: Can you control the heat?

A: The sauna host controls the temperature.

20. Q: How long will Little Box Sauna be at one place?

A: That varies! Usually one day to one month.

21. Q: How do you reserve a spot or can you just show up?

A: You can reserve a spot on Eventbrite, and the link can be found on the Home page. You can show up without a reservation, but an open sauna time

cannot be guaranteed.

22. Q: What are the hours?

A: You can find this on the Eventbrite info page.

23. Q: How is LBS staffed?

A: Andrea and friends host LBS. If you're interested, send us a note.

24. Q: Why was Little Box built?

A: Artistry awarded the designers a National Endowment for the Arts Creative Placemaking grant to build their proposal. Radisson Blu, Mall of America and IKEA

partnered with and supported designers Andrea Johnson and Molly Reichert to create and implement the sauna in the South Loop, to help instill a growing sense of community in the area.

25. Q: How long did LBS take to build?

A: Start to finish of actual construction took 51 full days, which was extremely fast!

26. Q: Who built LBS?

A: Building LBS was the effort of many hands and minds! Christopher R. Johnson was the lead builder with Andrea Johnson and Molly Reichert. Students from the

University of Minnesota (especially Tyler MacNeal) and members of the Twin Cities design community also took part in the build process.

27. Q: Where will LBS go after its current location?

A: LBS will be in the Twin Cities area at other public and private locations to continue building community and fostering health! If you would like to bring Little Box to your location, contact us