About Little Box Sauna


Little Box Sauna creates spaces for new ways to gather embedded in tradition, supporting social engagement, relaxation, health and fun.

LITTLE BOX SAUNA was conceived, designed, built and deployed in 2015 as an experimental Creative Placemaking project, through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and Bloomington Theatre and Art Center, and additional support from Mall of America and IKEA. LBS is a “mobile hot spot” that generates vital and embodied social space in the contemporary city. The dynamic all-wood form moves from site to site, acting as a visible small-scale stitch in the holes of urban fabrics, over time weaving together a web of shared experiences between diverse groups of people and neighborhoods. Supporting social engagement, relaxation, health, and fun in a custom-designed yet freely accessible structure, Little Box Sauna is at once a beacon for quality and equality in the built environment.

The mobile sauna began its travels through the Bloomington, MN, community during the cold months of 2015, stopping at the front doors of area businesses to create a hub where visitors and employees could socialize in a way new to the community, based on Finnish and other cultural traditions of group sweat. The sauna has since head north into Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods, with winter stops at local businesses, parks, cultural institutions, and festivals.

Come sauna with us!

Little Box can be rented privately or hosted publicly for event, week, and monthly bookings.


EXPERIENCE little box

When Little Box is hosted for the public, the host and Little Box teams work together to offer free or ticketed sauna spots. At these locations, groups are also welcome to reserve a private session or host a special event. The sauna holds up to 10 people for public and 12 for private sessions, and are reserved online. Events are by request.

Single spot: $18/60 mins, $25/90 mins

Private session: $350/120 minutes

Special event: varies (contact us!)

Check the Calendar for locations and times, and to reserve!


HOST little box

Little Box was designed as a public mobile sauna, so we love it when she's out in the city activating our communities. Anyone can host LBS to have it open to the public for free or ticketed sauna sessions. Some hosts sponsor Little Box for a one-day event, others for more than a month to increase activity and diversity of visitors.

Logistics+Delivery+Setup: $2,000*

Public event fee: varies (approx. $800-$3,000)**

Contact us with your idea and we'll work together to make it happen!


RENT little box

Little Box can be rented for private use for periods ranging from a day to several months. Little Box is a fun anchor for parties and celebrations, or for your family and friends to enjoy in the summer by the lake. Our Little Box team can help you host the sauna, or train you in to saunameister on your own. 

Delivery+Setup: $1,500*

Day Rental: $1,000 / Week Rental: $3,500

Special hosting: varies

Contact us with your request and we'll put together a quote for you! 

*Logistics+Delivery+Setup rate covers typical locations within a ten-mile radius from the crossing of 394/94 in Minneapolis. Locations further than ten miles, or with unique setup conditions, may require an additional fee.

**For hosts that do not sponsor public events, there is a weekly fee of $750.