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LBS Accessories: Day 4

IMG_20150212_021938 MRAJ at the router, monitoring cuts.

2015-02-11 14.52.53

Cedar bucket with ladle hugging its edge.

2015-02-11 14.55.40

First wood bucket and ladle prototype.  The bucket is striped with the different colored laminated Cedar posts.

2015-02-11 19.23.19

Solid Cedar 6x6s laminated together for next bucket iteration.  Hopefully this is the one!

2015-02-11 19.24.51

Prototype 4: ladle routed from laminated Cedar 4x4s.

2015-02-11 19.29.17

Lots of sawdust and woodchips generated, we joked that CDes should start a sawdust company!