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LBS Build: Day 0

Andrea flew back to Minneapolis and was intercepted by Molly at the airport, and from there MRAJ traveled across the Great Plains to Rapid City, SD, where we met with Chris Johnson and Paula Meloy.  They had their own adventure retrieving our new trailer, BIG TEX, from East Grand Forks, MN.  All parties converged in Rapid City without a hitch, other than the 2k pound hitch, which pulled BIG TEX to our build site. 2014-12-29 17.12.22

Scenes from the Great Plains

2014-12-29 20.51.50

An empty Oasis in Chamberlain, SD


Scenes from the Great Plains. Sun Dogs! Trains. Industrial plants.


First charge on our new MRAJ LLC business card!


Fresh snow and steep slopes proved challenging for the little Prius in Rapid City.

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