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Detailing - Wood

Thinking through how to detail the exterior and interior wood, for appearance, drainage, expansion, durability, longevity, etc! Found this simple method of attachment with mitered corners, finish nails, and slight reveal in the Dogpatch neighborhood in SF: IMG_20141223_160058102_HDR IMG_20141223_160050219_HDR

We like the idea of a rainscreen, but it is more labor intensive, trickier, and might now be the best for taking out on the highway:

ipe_rainscreen_wood_siding_corner_detailClimate-Shield rain screen clip and hardwood siding

Perhaps more of a gap, attached onto furring strips:


Vertical and horizontal:


Fastening and profiles:

Ipe-Siding_diagramsiding_nailingsiding-wood-types-diagram Types_bardages

Some details from other saunas:


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